Chapter 1

12:42 PM / Posted by Peter Bond /

Hi! My name is Billy and I'm so happy you decided to join me on our adventure today! It all began in Dr. Hutton's laboratory...

"Euryka!" yelled Dr. Hutton, as he pulled the white cloth of the Machine with flourish. "It is finally finished! The Mass-Altering/Time-Altering Ship is finished and ready to go!" He pushed a button on the side of the craft with his bony finger and it jumped to life, lights blazing and blinking all over.

"Aren't you glad we came to visit the professor today?" asked Billy, your classmate and best friend. You were annoyed to have to miss soccer practice, especially with the big game on the weekend, but Billy was so excited and insisted you came with him to Professor Hutton's lab.

Dr. James Hutton was a brilliant and intense scientist and inventor of 72 years old. He had already invented the Flying Alarm Clock and the Micro-Kettle, and now he had created some sort of spaceship!

"Shall we go inside? See if it works?" asked Dr. Hutton.

Make a choice:
You decide to go inside and see for yourself if this ship works.
You decide it's probably too dangerous, and you want to go back to the soccer practice anyway.