No Thanks

1:09 PM / Posted by Peter Bond /

"Yikes! No thanks, Dr. Hutton! Are you sure it's safe?" you ask, hoping he'll say no.

"Sure it is, m'boy." The professor gave it a swift kick. "It's as safe as a..."

Just then, the Mass-Time Ship exploded in light and you feel your ears pop. You know you haven't moved, but you feel as if you're in another world. With your senses overloaded, you try to stand up but stumble to your left. Your feet feel wet as you hear a faint splashing sound. As your eyes slowly focus, you realize that you are no longer in the professor's laboratory, but on a beach.

"Where are we?" asked Billy, a few feet in front of you. Your vision was clear now. You look around and gaze upon a beautiful inland sea, with strange birds flying overhead. You are distracted by a roar behind you.

You glance at Billy. He mumbles, "When are we?"

Suddenly, you look up and for a second catch the streaming bright light as an object explodes through the atmosphere.

Ah. You had arrived just in time for the impact that killed the dinosaurs.

"Man," you say, "I'm really gonna miss my soccer game."